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"Russian style" in architecture."Russian style" in architecture.


The project of the house from a profiled square log 177 m2
The total area is 177 square meters
Walls and partitions - profiled square log natural humidity.
The price of the wall set: 16157 EUR.The project of the house from a profiled square log 177 m2 The total area is 177 square meters Walls and partitions - profiled square log natural humidity. The price of the wall set: 16157 EUR. 

We build houses from wood and stone. We offer wooden houses from the following materials: logs, profiled logs, hand-cut logs, kiln-dried logs and atmospheric humidity, as well as glued beams and frame construction. We offer construction stone houses from aerated concrete blocks.



Designing houses is carried out independently, we can use the project of the customer as a basis. The production of materials for the construction of wooden houses is located in the Vologda region, the delivery of materials is carried out by our transport and transport companies. For the production of wooden houses we use the northern winter forest of the Arkhangelsk and Vologda regions, and also we purchase timber in Siberia. We have experience in supplying sets of wooden houses abroad, to Europe and Asia. Lumber for export provides all the necessary documentation, if necessary, we are conducting certification of the batch of products. The assembling of houses is carried out by teams of experienced northern masters. Houses of manual cutting are chopped on our site or immediately on the customer's site.

We offer the construction of stone houses made of aerated concrete blocks and other materials.

Frame houses are built according to our unique technology, we use a wooden frame and various types of filling the walls: aerated concrete, wood, glass, etc.

Our houses are characterized by high energy saving, environmental friendliness, comfort.

We sell lumber in bulk and at retail. Delivery is possible across Russia and abroad.

We make finishing work, electrical installation, plumbing and other works on installation of utilities.



Construction of houses from aerated concrete blocks

Our company offers the construction of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, earthquake-resistant stone houses. Our website presents standard projects made of high-quality certified aerated concrete. The attractiveness of a house made of aerated concrete blocks is that the construction costs are much lower compared to other materials. Profitability is achieved due to the unique characteristics of aerated concrete blocks (thermal insulation properties and vapor permeability are comparable to wood, strength - to stone) and German construction technology. The exact geometric shapes of the aerated concrete wall make it possible to limit the interior decoration to a thin layer of putty. When using vapor-permeable plaster or a ventilated facade made of siding for exterior decoration, the cost of building a house from aerated concrete is comparable to the cost of a house made of logs. ...read more

Structureal Insulated System 


The Structural Insulated System (SIS) is a method of building walls in which the enclosing structure is both load-bearing and insulating, requiring no additional thermal insulation (similar to the construction of SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) panels.

Structural Insulated System (SIS), the system of construction of structurally insulated walls used by us, can be used in the construction of both wooden and stone houses. Based on our experience, we came to the conclusion that additional warming and reduction of heat loss during the construction of houses remains an actual topic.

The presence of cold bridges in the walls of a wooden or stone house can be a problem for its owner. Heat losses and drafts often lead to the need for sealing or additional insulation of the house already in the process of its operation. The loss of heat is clearly visible in thermal imaging studies.  ...read more.

Houses made of round logs.

They are strong and comfortable, which is facilitated by both the uniqueness of the material and the use of such new technologies as hermetic sealing of the production companies "wetheral", "Perma-Chink", "Remmers". When processing logs, some of the wood is removed, subject to mechanical and other damage. The use of antiseptics and fire retardants help to make the house of round logs even more durable. We offer our clients the construction of wooden houses, bathhouses, arbours, outbuildings. The most optimal building material for them is a round log. Why exactly cylindering? 

We will try to answer this question reasonably. First, it is an environmentally friendly material of vegetable origin, which does not require any finishing materials containing substances harmful to our health during the finishing work. By and large log buildings of round logs have a finish surface, requiring only competent painting works. If you recall the stone house, where the finishing coat of finishing material requires plaster, putty, not one coat of primer, and they all contain a bunch of chemicals that are not known how to act on us, the difference becomes obvious. The house of the timber is also good, but if it is profiled (planed) and does not need to be sheathed.

Russian, Norwegian or Canadian felling?

Sometimes disputes arise about which cup is better: Russian, Canadian, Norwegian. Or maybe someone likes to fold the log house without any cups. Let's first understand how these options differ. Felling a log house into a Russian cup different simplicity; in Russian filing, the cup is cut from the bottom of the upper log in the form of a lower log. Note that for all these types of felling, the cup and longitudinal groove are performed on the lower surface of the upper log, and in this they are similar.

to be continued, read more

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