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Finishing work, interiors.

Finishing works in wooden and stone houses, interiors. We offer exterior finishing and interior decoration.

Interiors of wooden houses

Exterior finish of wooden houses. Russian style in architecture of the 19th century.

Finishing of stone houses.

Finishing and repair work.   In this section of the site we will stop at the decoration and repair of stone houses, offices, apartments in Moscow, cottages. In addition, we also produce certain types of repair and finishing works: tiling, painting, plastering, laying parquet and installing interior doors. The main goal of our work is quality finishing in a reasonable time. We give an annual guarantee for all types of finishing works and repairs.

Our specialists and employees have extensive experience in repairing and finishing houses, cottages, apartments, offices. This allows us to repair any complexity with the highest quality. We guarantee our customers high quality of finishing works during repair, friendly attitude of all employees of our firm, individual approach. Repair and decoration of offices we carry out only in Moscow and the Moscow region, finishing and repair of apartments in Moscow and the nearest towns near Moscow, repair and finishing of cottages throughout the Moscow region.

In addition, it is worthwhile to think about the time to begin finishing or repairing a house, office, apartment or cottage, since from May to September, the prices for finishing work and the free teams may rise. Therefore, starting repairing the office in the autumn or winter, you can significantly reduce the cost of repairs and finishing works, get a seasonal discount .

One of the activities of our company is the device screed floors including "dry floor screed". Under the term "floor screed" is understood as a complex of simple measures, the result of which is a firm and level surface. Our company considers the device of a floor much wider, where the floor screed is only one of the segments in the list of services provided by us. The device of floors can include engineering works.

For example, the installation of a warm floor using infrared heaters of a film type or a water floor, where liquid is used as the coolant, can not be done without a thoughtful engineering design. The same can be said about the arrangement of industrial, liquid or concrete floors. The installation of wooden floors requires a very scrupulous screed of the floor, and since you have to work with a pretty whimsical material - a tree - then ideally smooth surfaces are required.

A quality floor screed is not only a guarantee of the strength of the entire structure, it is also the protection of the premises from harmful thermal effects. We use only the latest achievements in building materials technologies, which allows us to achieve colossal results.

Our specialists do not get tired of bringing to perfection what they are doing, whether it is a floor screed or another kind of work. We think it is not possible to divide the device of a floor into a gradation of simple or complex works, because absolutely everything must be done with special thoroughness and professionalism. It is this approach to business that allows us to take on orders of any complexity and with brilliance to fulfill them. And the high qualification of our specialists is the best guarantee of the quality of our work.


Exterior finishing work.
The production of plastering can be internal or external, and the increased demand for facade plastering. The facades become a real decoration of the house, if our company takes the exterior of the building. By accepting an order, we try to outdo ourselves, not just fulfilling the task set before us, so as to please our client.

Warming, external thermal insulation of the façade "wet type".

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Finishing work, interiors.

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