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Manufacture of rounded logs and profiled square logs.

Our company offers the production of lumber: round log, profiled solid square log, laminated square log meeting international quality standards. We produce high quality wood products, chamber drying, glue-laminated square logs and solid logs and other wood products. Production is in the Vologda region. The timber forest is harvested in the Arkhangelsk and Vologda regions and is delivered from Siberia to the production site. The forest is also bought in Siberia. From Siberia, timber of larch and cedar is transported, since in our areas there is almost no cedar, and there is little left of the larch. While the Chinese have not cut down the entire forest in Siberia and the Far East, we offer our customers round logs and beams, as well as other sawn timber from cedar and larch.


 Оцилиндрованное бревно камерной сушкиRound logs of chamber drying







Benefits of the material:

It is environmentally friendly material. Log houses, made of round logs, "breathe", letting air and moisture through the walls. Durability and strong. A house made of such material will serve you for decades. Houses of round logs require less construction costs than stone houses. They preserve the unique beauty of the tree. Natural patterns on the surface give the appearance and interior of the stunning grace and variety. A round log of chamber drying is not cracked.:

See specifications.
Thermal treatment of wood makes it possible to obtain a material with a moisture content ranging from 18 to 22%. This is 3 times lower than the natural level! In addition, heat treatment reduces the likelihood of subsequent wood damage by fungi and mold (so-called blue). A log from a dried tree gives a minimum shrinkage - 3-5% for the first year after the erection of the building.

When operating a house built of dry logs, you can not wait for unpleasant surprises in the form of cracks, twisting and warping. All cracks are formed on the "cylinder" during the chamber drying - internal stresses in the wood break out. Chamber drying takes from three to four weeks.


Round logs natural humidity.




Round logs (Ø150, 170, 190, 210, 230, 250, 270, 280, 300 and 500 mm)
Advantages of the Round logs :
  • Round logs are traditional.
  • Round logs blend in harmoniously with natural landscapes and are therefore ideal for holiday homes.
  • Round logs are available in a wide range of sizes, which enables relatively thick solid wall structures.
  • Round logs are relatively inexpensive considering their size.


Laminated round log

A laminated round log glued together from four or more layers (Ø 230, 245 and 270 mm)
Advantages of the Laminated round logs :
  • the logs will not split
  • with a special tight-fitting corner structure, very tight structures are possible
  • precise installation
  • minimal settling
  • extremely finished look


Solid square profiled log.




Cross-section Solid square logs (190hx140; 190hx190; 140hx140; 140hх190)
Advantages of the Solid square logs::
  • The logs are cut through the centre of the heartwood, which minimises cracking on the logs’ surface.
  • Square logs are especially well suited for builds where an additional layer of insulation is used on the external walls or where an especially energy-efficient double log structure (SIS) is used.
  • Square logs fit in well with urban environment ( normal log crossings in the corners can be substituted with dovetail corners).
  • The double tongue-and-groove structure makes the logs fit tightly together.
  • Compared to round logs, square logs take up less space during transportation and are easier to assemble.
  • Square logs are more affordable than laminated logs although almost equal in terms of surface cracking


Advantages of the profiled solid square logs of the natural moisture massif::
  • The most economical version of the construction of solid wood.
  • Excellent appearance.
  • In production, the profiled profiled solid square logs acquires a smooth surface and a regular shape.
  • Collected from this material, the walls are perfectly even, look natural and beautiful, the insulation with such an assembly remains invisible.
  • Manufacturing of elements of log and corner joints in the factory. The connections made at the factory are perfectly even and durable. Used when assembling the main box of a wooden house, they serve as the basis for a strong construction of the structure and make the shrinkage uniform. A more dense connection between the logs and in the corner joints - the best thermal characteristics and minimum purging.
  • The walls of the profiled square logs are flat and are made with the maximal fitting of the profile to each other. In the process of natural shrinkage of the house, the initial state of the walls does not change: it is not necessary to caulk and cut excess jute, as it happens in the construction of unprofiled timber.


Solid square profiled log chamber drying.




Advantages of the profiled square log of the chamber drying :
  • Houses from a profiled square logs of a chamber drying are easily assembled and practically do not undergo shrinkage and shrinkage is minimal.
  • The profiled square log of the chamber drying does not deform with time.
  • In the process of operation it is not subject to cracking.
  • Smooth surface does not need additional processing, labor-intensive and expensive finishing works.
  • The optimum humidity of the profiled square log of the chamber drying excludes its decay and the appearance of unwanted microorganisms and bacteria in it.
  • Profiled square log of the chamber drying can be used to implement the most complex projects.


Profiled glued-laminated square logs (two or more planed layers of wood glued together)




(185hх240;200;160;120 and 135hх200;160;140;120)
Advantages of the Glue-laminated square logs::
  • Cracking on the surface is minimal.
  • The logs do not bend even longitudinally.
  • Similarly to solid square logs, laminated logs fit in well with urban settings.
  • Laminated logs are available in more sizes than heart split square logs , which allows for conformance with local thermal insulation requirements without the need for additional insulation.
  • The finished wall structure is compact and less susceptible to settling.
  • Similarly to solid square logs, laminated logs are easy to assemble and transport.
  • Houses made of laminated square log are easy to assemble and practically do not suffer shrinkage and shrinkage is minimal.
  • Glued square log does not deform with time.
  • During operation, the glued square log is not cracked.
  • Smooth surface of glued square log does not need additional processing, labor-intensive and expensive finishing works.
  • The optimum humidity of the glued square log excludes its decay and the appearance of unwanted microorganisms and bacteria in it.
  • Glued beam can be used to implement the most complex projects.


Profiled glued-laminated square logs




Glue-laminated square logs (breathable) with transverse plywood

(185hх240;200;160) :


Construction of handcrafted houses










Construction of houses from aerated concrete blocks





Our company offers the construction of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, earthquake-resistant stone houses. Our website presents standard projects made of high-quality certified aerated concrete. The attractiveness of a house made of aerated concrete blocks is that the construction costs are much lower compared to other materials. Profitability is achieved due to the unique characteristics of aerated concrete blocks (thermal insulation properties and vapor permeability are comparable to wood, strength - to stone) and German construction technology. The exact geometric shapes of the aerated concrete wall make it possible to limit the interior decoration to a thin layer of putty. When using vapor-permeable plaster or a ventilated facade made of siding for exterior decoration, the cost of building a house from aerated concrete is comparable to the cost of a house made of logs.

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Structural Insulated System (SIS).


The Structural Insulated System (SIS) is a method of building walls in which the enclosing structure is both load-bearing and insulating, requiring no additional thermal insulation (similar to the construction of SIP (Structured Insulated Panel) panels. Structural Insulated System (SIS), the system of construction of structurally insulated walls used by us, can be used in the construction of both wooden and stone houses. Based on our experience, we came to the conclusion that additional warming and reduction of heat loss during the construction of houses remains an actual topic. The presence of cold bridges in the walls of a wooden or stone house can be a problem for its owner. Heat losses and drafts often lead to the need for sealing or additional insulation of the house already in the process of its operation. The loss of heat is clearly visible in thermal imaging studies. The thermal imager points to the places of the greatest heat losses and the general state of the thermal insulation. More than 10 years ago we started using a sealant for a wooden house to solve this problem. Technology has justified itself, especially since it has been used for more than 50 years in North America. For the insulation of houses, we also use various systems of facade insulation of buildings. All these technologies are expensive. The urgency of energy saving increases with rising energy prices. Considering the above, we began to apply the technology of construction of structurally insulated walls. The advantages of the Structural Insulated System are: - Structural Insulatal System allows you to exclude the appearance of "cold bridges" when building a house from a log or beam. - Reduction of the thermal conductivity of the SIS wall in comparison with the wall from the profiled beam is more than 100% i.e. thermal insulation increases by more than 2 times. -Economy for the construction of one square meter of a wall 300 mm thick, in comparison with a wall of profiled beams with a warm facade, is at least 30%. -As with the construction of a wooden house, and a stone one, we get both surfaces of the wall, ready for finishing. Our company offers services for the production and installation of wooden SIS walls from an array of profiled square logs of chamber drying, profiled glued square logs, rounded logs of chamber drying, as well as the construction of walls made of aerated concrete, brick and stone. You can see the current prices on the page


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