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The project of a bath from a log 29 m / sq.

The total area is 29 square meters

Walls and partitions Round logs D220

Log volume 29.5 m / cub

S roof 65 m / sq.


Price without finishing: 655000 rub. (screw foundation, walls with beams overlapping, temporary roof, including delivery in MO) Turnkey price: contractual rub. (Including delivery in MO)    The price of the wall set: 265500 rub. (Round log 220mm of natural moisture without delivery)


The price without finishing (the first stage) includes the cost of materials and work on the construction of a foundation (screw), a log from a log of natural moisture with beams of ceilings, and a temporary roof. The price for turnkey finishing includes additionally the cost of materials and works for the installation of windows (plastic with double-glazed windows), doors (wooden paneled), floors (OSB 12mm, two layers of vapor barrier, insulation 150mm, density 35, rough floor), finishing ceiling clapboard, roofing (vapor barrier 2 layers, heater 150mm., metal 0.45mm). A house without finishing can also be ordered under a permanent roof. Variants of exterior decoration and interior are presented on pageFinishing work, interiors.


Variants of the wall set:

The price of the wall set: 265500 rub. (Round log 220mm of natural moisture without delivery)

The price of the wall set: 404150 rub. (Round log 220mm chamber drying without delivery)


The cost of construction includes:

Delivery materials and tools. Construction and installation works. Inventory and overhead. An accommodation the builders.

Additionally, we offer the following services:

Painting (grinding, brashing, applying protective and finishing coatings for wood) Electric installation work. Installation of ventilation systems. Installation of heating equipment. Wiring cold and hot water. Delivery and installation of autonomous treatment facilities (septic tank). Installation of fireplaces and stoves. Drilling and improvement of wells. Landscape design.


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Project of a bath 29 м2

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