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Projects of houses from logs with an area of ​​more than 200 m2 

Start building with the project!

1. Choose a project or send us a sketch.

2. We calculate the volume of materials and cost today.

3. If you like the price, we will prepare the project and specification. We will do this for you for free!

Now you can contract and build.



House project 203 м2House project 203 м2

House project 204 м2House project 204 м2

House project 212 м2House project 212 м2

House project 214 м2House project 214 м2








House project 215 м2House project 215 м2

House project 225 м2House project 225 м2

House project 226 м2House project 226 м2

House project 238,5 м2House project 238,5 м2








House project 239 м2House project 239 м2

House project 242 м2House project 242 м2

House project 249 м2House project 249 м2

House project 255 м2House project 255 м2








House project 328 м2House project 328 м2

House project 406 м2House project 406 м2








Projects of baths from logs Projects of baths from logs






Log house projects 200-400 м2

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