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Projects of saunas from a laminated square log, solid square log of chamber drying and natural humidity.

Baths in Russian styleBaths in Russian style

You can order a project of a wooden bath sabmit you project, or choose an existing project in the archive by contacting the Best House office on the coordinates indicated on the contacts page.

To choose the design of a wooden bath in accordance with your requirements can be found on the pages of Projects of saunas from a square log, as well as Projects of baths from a log.  

Advantages of laminated square log and profiled solid square log of a chamber drying:

  • Houses made of laminated square log are easy to assemble and practically do not suffer shrinkage and shrinkage is minimal.

  • Glued laminated square log does not deform with time.

  • During operation, the glued laminated square log is not cracked.

  • Smooth surface of glued laminated square log does not need additional processing, labor-intensive and expensive finishing works.

  • The optimum humidity of the glued laminated square log excludes its decay and the appearance of unwanted microorganisms and bacteria in it.

  • Glued laminated square log can be used to implement the most complex projects.

Advantages of the profiled solid square log of the natural moisture massif:
  • The most economical version of the construction of solid wood. Excellent appearance.

  • In production, the profiled solid square log acquires a smooth surface and a regular shape.

  • Collected from this material, the walls are perfectly even, look natural and beautiful, the insulation with such an assembly remains invisible.

  • Manufacturing of elements of log and corner joints in the factory.

  • The connections made at the factory are perfectly even and durable.

  • Used when assembling the main box of a wooden house, they serve as the basis for a strong construction of the structure and make the shrinkage uniform.

  • A more dense connection between the crowns and in the corner joints - the best thermal characteristics and minimum purging.
  • The walls of the profiled solid square log are flat and are made with the maximal fitting of the profile to each other.
  • In the process of natural shrinkage of the house, the initial state of the walls does not change: it is not necessary to caulk and cut excess jute, as it happens in the construction of unprofiled timber.




The project of a bath from a bar 51 м2The project of a bath from a bar 51 м2

The project of a bath from a bar 16,5 м2The project of a bath from a bar 16,5 м2

The project of a bath from a bar 30 м2The project of a bath from a bar 30 м2

The project of a bath from a bar 51 м2The project of a bath from a bar 51 м2 







The project of a bath from a bar 150 м2The project of a bath from a bar 150 м2








Projects of houses from a barProjects of houses from a bar





Square log bath projects

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