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Wooden architecture.

"Russian style" in architecture."Russian style" in architecture.

Russian architecture of the 19th century.

On the page there are photos of wooden buildings dating back to three centuries! and retained their pristine beauty. Wooden churches and peasant houses, which have survived to our time, were collected in the reserves of Kizhi, Malye Korely, etc. At present, there are many dilapidated wooden buildings scattered throughout the northern regions of Russia: Kondopoga, Onega, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, and Kirov regions. Among them there are churches, chapels, peasant houses.

"Russian style" in architecture.

This style, based on the traditions of folk culture, revived the old methods and motives of Russian architecture. Country houses, exhibition halls, public buildings, churches looked like fairy houses of Russian folk tales. It was believed that it is desirable to build these projects throughout Russia. Here are examples of Russian wooden architecture of the 19th century. (See below).

Watch a video on the history of the Assumption Church:  https://youtu.be/DAr-OUlc9Cw

Monuments of wooden architecture

Russian architecture of the 19th century

Russian wooden architecture

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