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Pavilions from logs.

Children's small towns. Playgrounds. Small architectural forms (SAF). The Best House company offers construction of gazebos, playgrounds, children's towns from logs, profiled square log. You can order a children's playground, a children's house, a ship from logs, small forms from a log or square log for installation on a children's playground, a private plot. Arbor from a log can decorate the landscape of your house, a playground made of wood will instill in children a love for nature.



Project №1Project №1

Project №2Project №2

Project №3Project №3 








Project №3Project №3

Project №5Project №5 






Small architectural forms

The Best House company offers the production and construction of children's towns, playgrounds, small architectural forms from logs and square log. Children's playgrounds of logs and square logs can harmoniously fit into the landscape of a city courtyard or a country house, they instill in children a love for nature, bring up a sense of beauty. Wooden playgrounds are safer than metal ones, they are not so cold in winter and less warm in summer. For the finishing of wooden areas we use environmentally friendly wood coatings. We accept orders for the manufacture of children's playgrounds, design and production. Installation of sites will be carried out by a team of our carpenters.









The woodpeckerThe woodpecker 






Children's playgrounds, children's towns.









Children's cityChildren's city







Foto and projects of pergolas

Pavilions, playgrounds, LFA

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