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Program your house.

Program your house.Program your house.


The Best House company offers to move to a country house and get profit at the same time. The program is intended for those who like country life more  than in the hot air of a megacity. Program participants receive not only their own country house, but they also earn real money on this.

The essence of the program is that we propose to build a country house with an area of ​​80 square meters with all amenities and ready for living, located on a land plot of 1076,39 sq.feet for 1.7 million rubles in the Moscow suburbs. At the same time, the minimum cost of an apartment in Moscow exceeds the cost of this house more than twice. A program participant can sell an apartment in Moscow and buy two of our country houses.

Selling one country house at a market price, a participant in the program can buy an apartment in Moscow for the proceeds. Thus, our program allows you to change your old apartment a short term (from 6 to 12 months) to a country house with all amenities and a new apartment. To participate in our program, we invite those who simply want to invest their money in the real estate market. The Best Home Company provides the participants of the program with legal support until its completion.

Our program may appeal to the participants of the city program of resettlement of dilapidated housing and the demolition of five flor houses. For this category of citizens, we offer not only resettlement in a new apartment, but also the acquisition of a country house.

Characteristics of the house and the plot.

The Best Home Company offers members Programs houses, the cost of 1.7 million rubles. in the following configuration. House area 80 m2 floor: 1 + attic floor. The foundation is pile-and-strip. External walls: 300 mm thick,. aerated concrete with insulation with mineral insulation. Internal walls made of aerated concrete and gypsum plasterboard.

Finishing of walls from the outside and from inside plastering and painting. Roofing ondulin, insulation of the attic floor is 200 mm. Interior decoration of walls and ceiling for painting. The flooring is laminate. Engineering communications: The house provides lighting, electric heating, sewerage, water supply. Plot of land 1076,39 sq.feet. The plot is fenced with a fence of meth. mesh. The house is built according to the original energy-saving technology and does not require large expenses for its maintenance.


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