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Проекты домов из бревна Aerated concrete house projects

Проекты домов из бревна Garage projects

Проекты домов из бревна Log bath projects

Проекты домов из бревна Log house projects












We offer roofing works of any complexity:

Insulated roof mansard type.

Insulated roofs of attic type.

Mounting of roof trusses, trusses of overlapping of wood and metal.

Installation of soft bituminous shingles.

Installation of ceramic tiles. Installation of wooden tiles.

Installation of metal tile. Installation of the ondulin.

Mounting of corrugated board.

We carry out roofing works of any complexity


Каменные дома. Aerated concrete house projects

Каменные дома. Garage projects

Каменные дома. Log bath projects

Каменные дома. Log house projects






Доступные дома

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