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Support emigration

According to available data, from 10 to 15 million people have left Russia since the beginning of the year. I am among them. I abandoned everything that connected me with the Motherland, in order to have nothing to do with the fascist regime.
The main wave consisted of those who were hiding from the grave after February 21st.
These are young people of military age and younger, for example, these are from families with children in which male children have not yet reached military age.
I saw everything with my own eyes and experienced everything "on my own skin".
I urge my friends to provide all possible assistance to me and other emigrants.
You can support us by transferring money to the MIR card 2202 2003 0741 8002 Svetlana S.
or to bitcoin wallet:
Thank you, and I wish everyone to remain themselves until the end, because in the end everything will be fine!
You can find out more information from my social networks on the contacts page.

I am looking for a business partner, an investor in the United States to open a fund to help Ukraine. I am looking for a person close in spirit and having a desire to start a new business. My immigration story on YouTube:


Support emigration

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